Foot Bass

August 24, 2014

Limited series!

“Basse aux pieds”

This instrument was very popular in the early 20th century.

It was invented by Mr.Joseph Alexandry from Namur (Belgium) and patented in 1894.

The Foot Bass was very popular until 1945.

Due to the interest of a small group of  contemporary musicians, the instrument is making a come back.

The instrument can be used as an additional  bass, supplementing  for instance, an accordion, violin, wind or others instruments, to provide the bass notes to the chords.

below:  New Foot Bass 12 keys. wallnut veneer finish lacquered


Playing techniques and musical possibilities

The Foot Bass is played with the feet ,when placed on the ground.

Every foot manages 6 keys.

The notes are produced by pressing a key and simultaneously pushing down the bellows.

A grip at the back of the Foot Bass can be connected to a chair to prevent the instrument from slipping.

The Foot Bass is a “single action” instrument, producing a tone by pushing only.

When the foot is released ,two big springs inside, move the upper part into starting position again, and consequently refilling the bellows.

The 12 tone Foot bass consists of the following notes.

(From left to right)  keyboard lay out
C -G -D -A -E -B  /  -F# -C# -G# -D# -A#-F

other tone combinations are possible.

voice combinations    2 tones (in octaves)

Finishes available

jet black or  wallnut veneer lacquered

*optional: a variety of veneers or finishes.


64 cm
35 cm
17 cm


availlable with  bellows green-, and bellows red marble papers

Hard case made to our special order in Italy (optional € 125)

Hear how the footbass sounds!

A section of the waltz from the opera “the merry Widows” by Carl Maria von Weber.


A combination of guitar with foot bass playing a ragtime.


A waltz played  by a small combo including a foot bass

Price and Warranty

The price of the basic model foot bass is €1935 *

Our foot bass is warranted against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of five years.