Uni sonoric “bandonions” 2

September 13, 2014

Zademack/Micklitz bandonion 146 tones


coll. H.Geuns
right side 40 keys | Left side 33 keys

Julius Zademack (1874-1941) made the first uni-sonoric bandonion 1903 (no patent)

Click here for the Zademack 146 tone lay out


Fritz Micklitz at 1911 increased the range on the left side ,and sold the instrument as Zademack-Micklitz lay out.

Shortly after Micklitz started his firm ,Ernst Kusserow and Miklitz his son, Richard improved the lay out by changing the left side.

A row of doubled tones was added to the right side by Mr.A.Gerlinger in order to simplify the playing of chromatic scales.

Kusserow bandonion (modified type) (196 tones)

Or” Model -Zademack/Micklitz/Kusserow/Gerlinger”


Click here for 196 tone lay out

coll. H.Geuns

right 46 keys
left 52 keys

dimensions: h.25 cm – w.27 cm-  l.42 cm

Kusserow bandonion (modified type) 194 tones

  • h07-03-01-img_0248
  • h07-03-02-img_0250
  • h07-03-03-img_0274


Click here for the 194 tone lay out

 Kusserow bandonion (special production ) 228 tones

Only two items made with extended range , first 234 tone instrument was produced by ELA bandonion company 1939

our production is the second 228 tone produced  December S2003


to the special order of Mr. Karl Oriwohl Berlin ( 1917- 2010)

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