Uni sonoric

September 7, 2014

“Chromatiphon”  by Hugo Stark(1873-1965) Berlin

Made about 1920

Left and right side 55 keys (Identical layout)

When turning the instrument upside down so that right becomes left, one can play using the same finger positions when playing scales.




“Praktikal” Bandonion  by Schönherr & Matthes (Schöma) 1930’s

Both hands C-system lay out


coll. H.Geuns

This instrument was patented and introduced 1926.


Inside views above show a very refined mechanism of octave couplers (double coupled)

The 3 voice instrument produces a 9 voice sound .

Right side  3-voice combination ( 16+8+8 ft) results in a 9 voice sound

Left side   2 voice combination (32 + 16 ft ) into 6 voices.

A special lever can shut down the lower octave – reeds.

“Praktikal” bandonion, unknown maker   1920`s


right side | left side

coll.R.Schebera Cologne/Germany


detail of the keyboard right side

Special model  Gebr. Wiessner,  Munich 1930 ‘s

Coupled keys on both hands.

Right hand lay out  B-system

Left hand lay out C-system


coll. H.Geuns

above right hand side
above left hand side