C-system bandonion basic model

June 18, 2021

Till further notice, this model is out of order!

Basic model C-, B-, and Russian B- system bandonion with detachable reed blocks

for easy change into B-system  and  Russian(bayan) B-system lay out as well !!

This two voice octave tuned instrument is produced exclusively for us to our  specifications in China , in order to offer an interesting priced hybrid bandonion model next to our traditional made,  Gabla Hybrid top models.

front view


right side view | left side view


inside view reed blocks/accordion type reeds | action detail

Soundfile 1 played by Tim Fletcher  “Del Corazon” (T. Fletcher)

Soundfile 2 played by Tim Fletcher “Por dentro de Mi (Luis di Matteo)

Soundfile 3 played by Tim Fletcher ” pieza 44 ” (Luis di Matteo)

Now also available : medium priced hybrid bandonion

Click here for the C-system layout!

Click here for the B-system / Russian B-system lay out !


Reed plate upgrading for the starters model

We can upgrade your starters model with traditional bandonion reed blocks and bandonion reed plates in zinc for  €2350  extra

Traditional hand made bandonion bellows

three section 15 folds bellows finished with “Gustav” marble papers
€800  extra
Upgrading – special  trade-in  offer !

To facilitate upgrading, we offer full purchase price refund of the starters model when ordering one of  our top models of  Gabla hybrid  as shown on our website

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