Uni sonoric “bandonions 4

September 13, 2014

Symphonetta  produced by ELA (E.L.Arnold) at Carlsfeld (Germany)

Layout  by Wilhelm Richard Scheller



The instrument has  single – action reeds

It is played mounted to a frame or on the lap, in a sitting position (a “knee-bandonion”).

With the thumbs below wooden bars on top.

By pulling up the left and/or right instrument side ,air flows into the bellows.

A special valve system enables a continuous air flow when pumping the left -,right – , or both sides simultaniously.

Tones are produced when pushing buttons and bellows down.

Handharmonium by Dr. Franz Michael Gerl , Hindelang (Germany)

1854-1911  patented 06/12/1891)

  • h09-02-1-Gerl-handharmonium
  • h09-02-2-Gerl-handharmonium
  • h09-02-3-Gerl-handharmonium

coll Mr. Karl Oriwohl Berlin