Uni sonoric “bandonions” 2

September 13, 2014

Zademack/Micklitz bandonion 146 tones


coll. H.Geuns
right side 40 keys | Left side 33 keys

Julius Zademack (1874-1941) made the first uni-sonoric bandonion 1903 (no patent)

Fritz Micklitz at 1911 increased the range on the left side ,and sold the instrument as Zademack-Micklitz lay out.

Shortly after Micklitz started his firm ,Ernst Kusserow and Miklitz his son, Richard improved the lay out by changing the left side.

A row of doubled tones was added to the right side by Mr.A.Gerlinger in order to simplify the playing of chromatic scales.

Kusserow bandonion (modified type) (196 tones)

Or” Model -Zademack/Micklitz/Kusserow/Gerlinger”


coll. H.Geuns

right 46 keys
left 52 keys

dimensions: h.25 cm – w.27 cm-  l.42 cm

Kusserow bandonion (modified type) 194 tones

  • h07-03-01-img_0248
  • h07-03-02-img_0250
  • h07-03-03-img_0274


 Kusserow bandonion (special production ) 228 tones

Only two items made with extended range , first 234 tone instrument was produced by ELA bandonion company 1939

our production is the second 228 tone produced  December S2003


to the special order of Mr. Karl Oriwohl Berlin ( 1917- 2010)