Bandonion History & Collection 4

September 3, 2014

More instruments from my collection, showing the range developement as discribed the page before.


This bandonion has 35 keys (70 tones)3 rows, single reed.

It is one of the earlier models but not quiet so old.

I would date this instrument from about 1870/75.

The bellows are not original.

Dimensions: height 18.5 cm. width 17 cm.


For comparison a 76 tones, German Konzertina, which looks olmost the same.

Dimensions: 17 cm. square

An easy way to find out the difference between a bandonion and concertina is the key number 14 at the right instrument side.

Hint:German Konzertina key number 14 (right side) always produces a uni-sonoric tone (normal d 2)

Bandonion key number 14 (right side) produces always a bi- sonoric tone (normal g2open/d#2close).



bandonion 88 tonesĀ  4 rows single reed

Dimensions: h. 19 cm. w. 18 cm.


Bandonion 110 tones ,single reed, five rows.

Dimensions : h. 19,5 cm. w. 19 cm.