Bandonion History & Collection 2

September 3, 2014

(picture) 56 tone ,28 keys Konzertina “Uhligs”1840 lay-out dating from probably the 1860`s )
coll.Mr.Stephen Chambers

About the mid 1840`s  two more modified Konzertina lay-outs are worked out by Mr.Carl Zimmermann (produktion of Carlsfelder Konzertinas since 1849 at Carlsfeld/Germany) and Mr. Heinrich Band from Krefeld/Germany.

They must have heard about Uhlig`s instrument.

Mr.C Zimmermann and Mr. H Band were musicians/teachers, and they seemed to have disliked the small range of Uhlig`s lay-out.

Separate from each other they made their modifications.

Zimmermann`s lay-out became known as the ” Carlsfelder Konzertina”, and Band named his instrument after himself ” Bandonion”.



Picture : (from my collection) 56 tone bandonion/concertina¬† 14 “German silver” keys at each side.

very early instrument,single voice.
The keys are numbered at the left side 1 – 13, right side 1- 13 +0